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Park View Federal Credit Union
Neighbors Serving Neighbors®


To reach an employee at their extension, please dial 540.434.6444.

Management Team

John Beiler, President and CEO  NMLS# 704230 x147
Yvonne Boettger, Human Resource Manager x144 OR 540.437.7411
Bob Brenneman, Mortgage and Business Manager  NMLS# 653969 x205 OR 540.437.7413
Daryl Brubaker, Systems Project Manager  NMLS# 653970 x103 OR 540.437.7407
Ken Gonyer, Director of Member Care  x160
Cristina Graber Neufeld, CFO x145
Pam Martin, Operations Manager x148 OR 540.437.7418
Sara Atkins x121 OR 540.437.7403
Kayla Baker x201
Michele Baker x146
Elizabeth Beving x195
Molly Boese x149
Aaron Brydge x113 
Emily Burkholder x126
Kent Dayton  NMLS# 653971 x204 OR 540.437.7414
Heidi Derstine x196
Annie Diller x194
Kathryn Fenton x208
Dan Hall x110 
Sue Halterman x129
Kelly Heatwole x125
Leo Heatwole x135
Tanya Holland x141 OR 540.437.7419
Sarah Inskeep  NMLS# 653937 x128
Sarah Kalichman x100
Mandy Lam x115
Alicia Lambert, Broadway/VMRC Branch Manager x177 OR 540.236.5767
Lisa Lehman x130
Jennica Lucas x106
Diane Martin NMLS# 653972 x207 OR 540.437.7415
Maggie Martin   X117
Phyllis Martin X111
Chelsea Mast x107 
Catherine Miles  NMLS# 653977 x166 OR 540.236.5766
Daniel Miller x162
Jayne Miller x122
Kevin Nafziger  NMLS# 1146279 x206 OR 540.236.5763
Pat Nesselrodt x142
Jason Ropp, Harmony Square Branch Manager  NMLS# 1197169 x109 OR 540.437.7401 
Megan Sandberg x114
Melanie Schlabach x216
Timothy Schmoyer  x215
Heather Schultz x150
Veronica Schweitzer x134
Joe Slagell  NMLS# 455521 x212 OR 540.437.7408
Doris Sites  
Kimberley Strother x203
Christine Suter x108
Jonathan Tieszen  NMLS# 653974 x105 OR 540.437.7405
Rachel Van Patter X101
Marcia Weaver, Dayton Branch Manager x116 OR 540.236.5762
Darrell Wenger x136
Krista Westfall x151
Susanah Wideman x102 
Betty Wilkins x202 
Cheryl Will x214
Julie Yoder  NMLS# 653975 x104 OR 540.437.7404
Karen Yoder x167
Mary Yoder x120
Sharisa Zook x152
Lisa Zuber x119 OR 540.437.7417

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