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Little Savers (ages 0-4)

What do I get if I’m in Little Savers?

  • Gift on your birthday!
  • Special events throughout the year

Parents - Part of raising children today is giving them all the tools they need to survive and do well in the world and environment in which they live. A large part of that means helping them understand the value of and the concepts of earning, using, saving and investing money. As your credit union, we'd like to help you with the task of teaching your children the basics of handling money. That's why we created this list of resources to help get you started! 

New baby or adoption? Let us know when you have a new child, and we’ll send you a $5 coupon to use towards opening a savings account for them! Email* us your birth or adoption announcement.

Check out the games below (make sure your parents say it’s OK first!). Play by yourself or with a friend, sister, or brother.

Ed’s Bank Game
Help Ed save money for a trip to the store!
Cash Puzzler
Put the bill puzzles together and learn fun facts about each of our U.S. bills!

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