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Quicken and Quickbooks

Download data from MoneyView using "Direct Connect" or "Web Connect" to Quicken and Quickbooks

Users of Intuit financial management software can access MoneyView transaction data in two ways.

Intuit describes Direct Connect as a two-way connection. This means that data flows in both directions. First, a request for data is sent to MoneyView by Quicken. After the request has been authenticated by PVFCU servers, data is then received and presented in Quicken.

• Your financial data is stored on servers controlled by PVFCU.
• Your financial data is encrypted during download.
• Your customer ID and password (MoneyView Member ID and password) are not stored on Intuit servers. If you choose to use the Quicken Password Vault, we encrypt them on your computer's hard drive.

To set up Direct Connect, use the instructions below.

If you have problems setting up Direct Connect for Quickbooks, please refer to the Intuit Quickbooks Support page. Direct Connect pulls in data from the last 90 days only. For data prior to 90 days ago, use Web Connect below.

To download transaction details from a specific date range, you may use Web Connect. Web Connect is a one-way connection. Data is imported into Quicken, but not exported.

• All imported data is stored on your computer.
• Financial data is encrypted during download.
• Your login information is not stored in Quicken. You must enter it each time you update your account.

To use Web Connect with Quicken or Quickbooks, log into MoneyView and go to Accounts > Export. Next, choose a source account (checking, savings, etc.) and select a date range. Then choose the export format (Quicken Web Connect or Quickbooks Web Connect). Finally, click "Download Data." Your Intuit software will automatically open and import transaction data.

If you have problems with Web Connect, consult Intuit Support for Quicken or Quickbooks Support.




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