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Randi's Story

“When I came to EMU, opening up my account at PVFCU was my first autonomous, personal step into the financial world. I learned to use direct deposit for paychecks, keep tabs on my balance, and utilize the ATMs to pay for pizza delivery!

PVFCU specifically impressed me during two trips to Latin America. Both times, being an impulsive traveler, I needed assistance with transferring funds or cashing stateside checks. Park View was in contact by email to walk me through those problems, and keep me well supplied in street tacos and bus fares!

I like the concept of being part of a credit union, rather than a bank. They're locally based. I have a small stake in their survival and group decisions. Perhaps most importantly to me, their small, not-for-profit nature means that PVFCU isn’t going to be funding mountaintop removal for coal mining, or getting involved with similarly destructive corporate maneuvers for financial gain. Even though I've graduated and am moving to West Virginia, I plan to continue using PVFCU."

"Even though I've graduated and am moving to West Virginia, I plan to continue using PVFCU."


       Randi Hagi
       PVFCU member for 2 years

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