Park View Federal Credit Union, est. 1969

Our Mission

Founded on a heritage of neighbors serving neighbors, Park View Federal Credit Union partners with our members, as owners, to achieve and maintain financial stability throughout life stages by providing excellent personalized service, sound financial products and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

Park View Federal Credit Union will be a thriving, member-centered financial cooperative empowering individuals, businesses and partner organizations to cultivate financial stability and growth.

Our Values

  • Integrity in-te-grə-tē - the quality of being honest, strong, and having moral principles We value transparency, honesty, mutual accountability and trust.

  • Community kə-myü-nə-tē - a group living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership We demonstrate faith values through respect and care for our members, employees, neighbors and community.
  • Financial Acumen ə-kyü-mən - wisdom, insight, good judgment We encourage financial stability, fiscal responsibility, hard work, education and innovation.
  • Service sər-vəs - the act of providing assistance; help; aid We provide excellent personalized service that meets and exceeds expectations through our friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff.