Online Banking Enrollment

Online Bannking Enrollment Instructions:

(view Mobile App instructions)

  1. Click ENROLL near the bottom of the gray box above.
  2. Create a username. Each individual member (not each account number) will create their own unique login. Through this single login you will have access to all accounts you are a joint owner on!
    • At least 8 characters
    • Cannot be all numbers
  3. Create a password. Use your existing Online Banking password to keep it simple!
    • At least 6 characters
    • A mix of letters, numbers, or symbols
    • Passwords are case sensitive
  4. Complete personal information to verify your identity.
  5. Complete contact information. 
  6. Sit back and enjoy the new features!

Mobile App and Enrollment:

1. Uninstall the old MoneyView App on your mobile device.

2. Download the new Park View App


2. Login using your pre-enrollment credentials or select Sign Up at the bottom of the screen to enroll. View username and password requirements.