Partner Organizations

Offer Park View Membership to your Employees or Members

Looking for a great way to enhance your company or organization's benefits package? Add “credit union membership” and help your employees or members achieve their financial goals for their individual success and the success of your organization. We currently serve more than 100 Partner Organizations and would love the opportunity to serve yours!

As a partner organization, your employees or members are eligible to become Park View members and enjoy everything Park View has to offer. Your business, nonprofit or organization is also able to partner with Park View so that together, we can better serve our community through difference opportunities such as sponsorships, volunteer opportunities, monetary and in-kind donations, collaborations and much more.

Become a Partner Organization. It’s Easy!

  • Send a brief note on company or church letterhead (if applicable) requesting to be recognized as a Park View Partner Organization). Here are sample form letters to give you a head start.
  • Fax the letter to (540) 433-0108 or mail it to:                                                                                        Park View Federal Credit Union                                                                                                        Attn: Michele Baker                                                                                                                                  1675 Virginia Ave                                                                                                                      Harrisonburg, VA 22802


We look forward to serving you and your employees or members!