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Announcing the Winners of Park View's 2024 Calendar Photo Contest!

Park View is delighted to announce the winners of our Annual Calendar Photo Contest! These stunning photographs earned the votes of fellow Park View members. Congratulations!

Grand Winner (Cover Photo): Richard L Bowman, Lily 

Tom Wheatley, Wildwood Park, Bridgewater

Kacey Lam, A Snowy Day

Emma Kurtz, Glacier

Malia Bauman, Grand Tetons

Rachel Stutzman, Finding Solitude in a Sea of Green

Katherine Showalter, Small Town Summer Evening

Tyler Hicks, Strolling Towards Serenity

Rose Shenk, Goats at Sunrise, HomeAgain Farm

Melodie Davis, Days End

Larysa Lawyer, Fall at Germany Valley, West Virginia

Ken Layman, Colorado Aspens

Ken Layman, Bald Knob Winter

Honorary Mentions

Matthew Bartley, Icy Sunrise

Hadley Jenner, Shenandoah Mountain

Daniel Martin, Mooreland Cows

Jack Rutt, Hot Air Balloons & Wild Horses

Bonita Zimmerman, Autumn's Embrace

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's photo contest! We were blown away by the amazing response - over 200 entries! A panel of judges carefully selected their top favorites for each season. And now, it's your moment to shine as you cast your vote and help us determine the deserving winners!


Our highly anticipated annual calendar photo contest is now officially open for photo submissions!

Are you ready to showcase your photography skills? We are searching for exceptional photos that highlight breathtaking scenery and landscapes, both near and far. From serene lakes and vast oceans to majestic mountains and iconic landmarks, we want to see it all!

The top twelve photos selected will be featured in our 2024 calendar and the photo that receives the highest number of votes will not only secure a prominent spot in our calendar but will also win a prize of $50!

2024 Calendar Photo Contest

To ensure a fair and enjoyable contest, we have established some guidelines for participants:

  1. Park View Membership: To be eligible to participate, you must be a member of Park View.
  2. Maximum Entries: Each member can submit up to two (2) entries. Choose your best shots and make them count!
  3. People-Free Zone: Please note that photos including people will not be accepted for this contest. We want the focus to be solely on the awe-inspiring landscapes.
  4. Horizontal Photos: Only horizontal photos will be considered for the contest. This allows us to maintain a consistent layout throughout our calendar.
  5. Submission Deadline: Make sure to submit your entries before Friday, September 1, 2023. After this date, no further submissions will be accepted.

No matter whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, we warmly invite you to share your favorite shots with us. It's time to let your creativity shine and unveil the wonders you have captured through your lens.

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