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Money Explorers

For kids ages 5-12 ready to explore more about money!

  • Prizes for your deposits! Use the special youth deposit tickets (available at each branch) to make a deposit. Have your Deposit Log stamped each time you make a deposit1, and for every 10 stamps, you’ll receive a great prize!MoneyExplorers_5-12_2016
  • Report Card Rewards! Scan and email2 report cards or stop by any branch to earn money for your good grades!3
    • $3 for straight A's and $1 for all A's and B's
    • For younger students, we will also deposit money for other grade scales (i.e. O, E, S)
    • Home Schooled? Ask us about an alternative
  • Gift on your birthday!
  • Special events throughout the year

We're here to assist you in helping your children understand the basics of money, including value of and the concepts of earning, using, saving and investing money. Check out these resources.

1Stamps will only be awarded at the time of deposit and the child must be present. Stamps earned on the deposit log are only valid while the child is in the Money Explorers club. $5 minimum per deposit.
2Information sent by email is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the Internet.
3Report cards will be accepted for the most recent grading period only.
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