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Security and Privacy

Our commitment to security & privacy

Your privacy is taken very seriously by us and we want you to know that we will not sell information about you to any third party company or Web site. If you email us or provide us with your email address, we will not give this information to anyone outside of the credit union. When you visit the "Active Web Site" portion of our Web site, a temporary "cookie" will be placed on your hard drive. For more information, see the 'About Cookies' section below.

Secure site information

PIN Security

Every member is responsible for protecting the secrecy of their PIN. You should never give this number to unauthorized persons. The credit union does not know your PIN and if you forget the number you will need to contact the credit union to have a new one issued.

About cookies

The terminology "cookie" is used to describe a nugget of data that is stored on your hard drive as a file. Cookies make it easier, quicker, and more secure for you to log into and use the Active Web Site.

We use a temporary cookie to verify who you are while using the Active Web site. Your privacy is not compromised by these cookies. The cookie placed on your hard drive can only be used by your credit union's Active Web Site. Cookies cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. In order to access our secure site, you must allow the temporary cookie. The temporary cookie is removed after you exit the secure site section.

About encryption

Encryption is a term for scrambling meaningful text and numbers at one location and transmitting them across the Internet to another location. The encryption process uses complex algorithmic formulas to create a key that is used to translate the information back into use-able content. There are billions of potential keys and a different key is used for each Active Web Site session.

All confidential information sent to and requested by this site is encrypted. The credit union submits the account information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted network transmissions.

Limitation of liability
CCCorp and the applicable credit union make every effort to supply accurate links to other sites, however these links may change from time to time. If you find any "non-working links", we would appreciate an email to advise us of the problem. The contents of the hyperlinked Web site is not endorsed by CCCorp or the credit union. Any decisions made by the user about the site or other hyperlinks are the sole responsibility of the user.

We strive for complete accuracy in our sites, but cannot guarantee that mistakes will not happen. The information on the Web site is subject to change at any time.

For further information regarding our policies and practices for safeguarding non-public personal information about you, please view our Privacy Policy.


FTC Learn how to safeguard your personal information and what to do if your identity is stolen. Get information on how to prevent and detect fraud.
Fraud Information
It is important to us to help protect you from identity theft. There are many forms of identity theft and one common scam is known as "phishing". Phishing occurs when criminals attempt to defraud unsuspecting victims by creating forgeries of legitimate e-mails and websites. To shield your accounts from fraudulent activity, remember these best practices:

  • Park View Federal Credit Union will never request that you update or give out personal information via e-mail
  • Exercise caution when it comes to e-mail messages threatening that your account has been suspended, deactivated, or frozen, or warning of unauthorized access to your account
  • Never give out your personal information to an unknown source - especially if you have not initiated the interaction
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission

In the event of an emergency...

Park View Federal Credit Union maintains a disaster recovery/business continuity plan, including alternate processing facilities, to address interruptions to our normal course of business. Our plans outline the actions Park View will take in the event of a building, city-wide, or regional incident. In the event of a significant business interruption, access to your account will be readily available through Online Banking or Mobile Banking. You may also contact us by phone at 540.434.6444 or toll-free at 888.900.6444.

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