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Explore the Benefits of a Money Market Account

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Are you in search of a reliable savings path that combines security with substantial growth potential? Building and growing your savings involves more than just stashing funds away — it’s about making your money work for you. Whether you’re beginning your savings journey or are looking for the right account to store the funds you have saved, a Money Market Account might be the perfect solution for you!

This savings account stands out as a versatile, safe, and rewarding option for anyone keen on maximizing their savings. A Money Market Account, sometimes referred to as an MMA, is a type of savings account that offers a higher-than-average annual percentage yield (APY) while allowing immediate access to your funds.


Depending on the bank or credit union you have a Money Market Account with, you may come across the following features:

  • Tiered rates based on your balanceA woman in a home office using a laptop to view her savings account information within an online banking portal.
  • Minimum balances
  • Monthly fees
  • Penalties/fees for withdrawals

Money Market Accounts are well-rounded financial accounts for various reasons. Firstly, you can increase your savings since dividend rates are higher than a traditional savings account. Coupled with a higher APY, Money Market Accounts allow you to

access your funds without large penalties, unlike some long-term savings options. To top it off, while your accessible funds are earning dividends, your money is secure and insured. These benefits of Money Market Accounts are what make it a popular savings account for people at all stages of their financial journeys.

Let’s dive into more details on why a Money Market Account might be a smart financial move for you.

Amplify Your Earnings with Higher Rates

Money Market Accounts offer an attractive advantage over regular savings accounts by offering substantially higher dividend rates. Depending on the market and your choice of bank or credit union, you could see Money Market Account rates 10 times higher than a traditional savings account. Watch as your funds generate increased returns, providing a substantial boost to your short- or long-term savings efforts.

A man and woman making an online payment on a smartphone while holding a debit card.Balance Growth and Flexibility

You’ll find that some investment avenues tie up your funds for extended periods before you can have access to your savings. But, a Money Market Account is great at striking an ideal balance between savings growth and accessibility. You retain the freedom to withdraw or transfer funds as needed, providing you with financial agility to tackle unexpected expenses or capture opportunities without limitation.

How do you access your Money Market funds? Money Market Accounts resemble a checking account, where you can write checks or use a debit card for transactions, accessing your money like you normally would. But, this type of account also resembles a high-yield savings account where you earn more on your monthly balance.

Ensure Your Funds Are Always Safe

Security is a non-negotiable aspect of any investment strategy. Money Market Accounts, much like traditional savings accounts offered by credit unions, are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). This insurance ensures that each account is covered for up to $250,000. Knowing that your deposits are protected offers a sense of reassurance in your savings journey.

Additional Advantages of a Money Market Account from Park View

At Park View, the benefits of a Money Market Account are amplified further:

A collage of financial icons related to withdrawing money.

No withdrawal limits: With a Money Market Account from Park View, your transactions have no restraints. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited transactions and no term requirements, eliminating concerns about withdrawal limitations or time commitments.


collage of financial icons related to monthly account fees

No monthly fee: Enjoy all the advantages of a Money Market Account without worrying about monthly fees, as long as your average monthly balance doesn’t dip below $1,500. Since Money Market Accounts are designed to encourage saving, if a month’s balance is less than $1,500, a fee will be added.1


A collage of financial icons related to monthly rate calculations.

Tiered dividend rates: Larger deposits are rewarded with increased earnings through our tiered dividend rates. It’s a simple and effective way to supercharge your savings effortlessly. You can also take your savings to the next level by combining a Money Market Account with our Electrum Checking Account. The more you use your Electrum Checking Account, the higher your Money Market dividend rate will climb.

A Money Market Account continues to be a secure and rewarding financial choice for many lifestyle needs. Higher rates mean reaching your financial goals faster, and the flexible account structure allows you to access your funds whenever and wherever you need them. With Money Market Accounts being NCUA insured, you can feel confident knowing that your savings are secure and growing.

Benefitting from higher dividend rates, federal insurance, and unmatched flexibility, a Money Market Account is a powerful tool for those seeking growth without disrupting their daily expenses. Learn more about a Money Market Account with Park View and take the first step towards securing your financial future.

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1If the monthly average balance drops below $1,500 a $10.00 fee will be assessed. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. To open a Money Market Account with Park View, membership with Park View is required. Insured by NCUA.

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